About the #1 Rated Solar Company in Massachusetts

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We're the Gold Standard of a Massachusetts Solar Company

Taking solar panel installation to new heights - The sky's the limit!

We're the best solar company to buy from in MA because our customers always come first. We have a passion for helping people live their best lives and feel that this can be done through renewable energy. When we stop extracting and processing fossil fuels for electricity, we get on the road to a brighter, more hopeful future. Our solar company wants you, our children, and their children to enjoy the benefits of a solar-powered world.

Now that all of the sentimental stuff is out of the way, or team also values the money-saving benefits that switching to solar in MA has to offer. There are lucrative tax incentives and rebates available at both the state and federal levels to help families fund their solar projects. Plus, you'll save a boatload of money on your utility bills. You can count on our solar companies in MA to be with you through every step of this complex process. Why? Because you're important to us.

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The Mission of Our MA Solar Company

We're known as a top solar provider in MA because we've done our homework. When you have a question about solar energy, our team is prepared to answer without falter. We continue to train and advance our education by continually attending workshops and classes. Our ultimate goal is to enlighten the residents of MA to the glorious benefits of a solar-powered world. All little steps taken towards a greener community move big mountains in the long-term. Our contractors are dedicated to decreasing MA's carbon footprint by utilizing the sun's sustainable & renewable energy.

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Massachusetts Solar Companies are Only as Good as Their Installers - And We Have the Best!

We're a top-rated solar panel business because of our dedicated team. 

Go Solar MA works with some of the most innovative solar installers in the commonwealth. Each contractor has taken the necessary steps to ensure their abilities as a high-performing solar technician. We guarantee all of our work and that your solar panel system will be up and running in no time. Our team involves you in the entire installation process from start to finish. It's important that you fully understand how your brand new solar system works.

Another thing about our installers is their knowledge of all MA tax incentive programs and federal rebates. You never have to worry about submitting permits or paperwork to the appropriate agencies because our crew has it covered. We want to save you as much money as possible on your new solar panel installation, and that's exactly what we'll do!

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We're a Stand-Out-From-the-Crowd Kind of MA Solar Company

Go Solar MA always goes the extra mile for you.

Top solar providers in MA should offer commercial and residential customer services that benefit the greater good, which is a greener way of living. When you hire us to install your solar panels which follow a foolproof process:

  • FREE consultation & estimate
  • Design & build-out
  • Installation
  • Final review & activation

As previously mentioned, our company takes care of all paperwork submissions and permits, so you don't have to worry about do it yourself. We know the correct verbiage to use and how to get your solar system up and running ASAP! Are you ready to take the plunge? Contact our solar team today!

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The Power of Solar is On Your Side.

Go Solar MA wholeheartedly believes in harnessing solar power as a renewable energy source to help preserve this beautiful planet we call Earth. Are you thinking about solar panel installation?   Call us at (617) 533-0885
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