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Have You Been Looking for Solar Companies in Lowell in All the Wrong Places? We've Got the One!

That's right! We operate one of the most reliable solar companies in Lowell, MA. Our top priority is to help families and business owners make the swap to solar as seamless as possible.

We offer late-breaking technologies that decrease the carbon footprint and put a sunny stamp of approval on sustainable energy sources. Utilizing solar energy is one of the best things you can do for your community and country.

As a certified solar panel designer and installer, we're going to help you kick fossil fuels to the curb for good. Are you ready to get started? Simply call, email, or fill out our handy contact form right now!

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See what our customers have to say:
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"The team at Go Solar MA was friendly, knowledgeable and responsive during the whole process. They truly made it virtually stress free. We're so pleased with how everything turned out and we’re already seeing the savings."
- Maria M.
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Looks Like Lowell has an Incredible Solar Company! - Are You Interested?

As a licensed and certified solar system company in Lowell, it is our honor to give you the BEST sustainable energy offerings available. We feel that using sunlight to power homes and businesses is an exquisite way to decrease carbon footprints and help repair the earth.

In addition, solar power doesn't use any international materials, doesn't require a lick of foreign policy, and virtually costs nothing to generate. Our team of sun specialists at Go Solar MA is standing by to answer your questions and get you aboard the solar train!


Check Out Our Sunny Solar Company's Services in Lowell, MA

Solar Panel Design

Go Solar MA has an in-house solar panel design team that creates blueprints that power the world. We use industry-leading technologies to create customers' unique solar panels that generate the perfect amount of energy for their spaces.

Panel Installation

Once our solar experts get your panels designed, they'll head on over to your property and get them installed ASAP. We know how eager you are to stop using fossil fuels and begin harnessing the power of the sun! Tell us a time that works for you.

System Activation

We're known as one of the best solar companies in Lowell because we never leave our customers hanging. Once we get your system installed our team will activate it for you and show you how it works. It's a very streamlined process.

We Hope You Choose Our Lowell Company as Your Solar Specialist!

Highly Experienced Staff

Solar energy is something that has been in the works for decades. Our staff has studied and worked very hard to learn the best techniques that the industry has to offer. You can rest assured that your solar journey will be the best in the business.

Tax Rebates & Incentives

Did you know that the state and federal governments have set up reward programs for residents who choose to go solar in MA? We have a dedicated team that helps you get in on every program that you qualify for. You may even get your panels for FREE!

Licensed & Insured

You can count on our Lowell solar company to be fully licensed, insured, and bonded for your peace of mind. We aren't in the business of cutting corners or making mistakes. In fact, we're incredibly meticulous about our job because YOU matter!
call now (617) 533-0885

The Power of Solar is On Your Side.

Go Solar MA wholeheartedly believes in harnessing solar power as a renewable energy source to help preserve this beautiful planet we call Earth. Are you thinking about solar panel installation?   Call us at (617) 533-0885
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