Massachusetts Solar Incentives 2022 - Your Last Chance to Save Big!

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Exciting Massachusetts Solar Incentives for 2022!

Making the switch from traditional energy sources to solar can be an overwhelming process, but we're here to help you every step of the way. For example, did you know that there are incredible Massachusetts solar incentives just waiting to be claimed?

Not only will switching to solar be better for your environment, but it can also save you thousands of dollars and even get your system installed for FREE!

We'd love to speak with one on one about these fabulous programs, so be sure to get in touch with us at your earliest convenience for more information about solar in MA.

Massachusetts solar incentives 2022
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Let's Talk About 2022 MA Solar Incentives!

There are state and federal 2022 solar incentives available in MA that we want you to know about. Some of these programs actually purchase the panels and install the system at no charge to you. Talk about a great deal! Let's explore some of the programs:

  • Federal solar investment tax credit
  • Net energy metering in Massachusetts
  • Massachusetts solar rebates
  • SMART solar program
  • Low-income additions to the SMART incentive
  • Massachusetts state solar tax credit
  • Sales and property tax exemptions

Go Solar MA offers a wealth of information on its company blog page that breaks down all the components of the incentive programs. We hope you'll visit our blog to learn more about these incredible offerings.

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Grab 2022 MA Solar Incentives Before They're Gone!

Like all good things, sometimes they come to an end. The important thing to know about MA solar incentives in 2022 is that we really don't know when funding will run out.

What we do know is that when 2022 comes to a close, some, or all, of the tax rebate and incentive programs will conclude. So the best thing you can do is begin your solar energy journey right now. We don't want to see you get locked out of some of these fantastic programs.

Right now, the average cost of a solar system in Mass. is $17,804-$21,760. What if an incentive program could take those figures down to zero? Get in touch with one of our solar specialists to see if you qualify!

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We Make Getting Massachusetts Solar Incentives EASY in 2022

There is genuinely a solar incentive program for all MA residents in 2022. and we're the team that'll help you find one. At Go Solar MA, we work diligently to get our customers hooked up with the right programs and people that'll make their switch to solar power much more worthwhile.

When you choose to go solar, you are making a significant impact on the planet for the better as well as decreasing your carbon footprint.

We think you should be awarded for that, and so does the government, which is why they have created SRECs, tax rebates, and incentive plans. Are you ready to get on board?



See what our customers have to say:
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"The team at Go Solar MA was friendly, knowledgeable and responsive during the whole process. They truly made it virtually stress free. We're so pleased with how everything turned out and we’re already seeing the savings."
- Maria M.

Getting You Straightforward Answers About MA Solar Solutions

Are you interested in nixing fossil fuel energy and hooking into solar? We've got a lot to tell you! Our company will help you find an incredible solar program and calculate your savings. We'll also put you in touch with a solar designer who'll build and install your system. Finally, we'll make sure you get all of the tax rebates and incentives due to you.

Find a Solar Program

Calculate Savings

Design & Build

Tax Credits & Rebates

The Power of Solar is On Your Side.

Go Solar MA wholeheartedly believes in harnessing solar power as a renewable energy source to help preserve this beautiful planet we call Earth. Are you thinking about solar panel installation?   Call us at (617) 533-0885
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