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Marvelous Home Solar Panels in MA

Home Solar Panels in Massachusetts are a Step Towards Energy Freedom!

Every year, more people decide that home solar panels in MA are the way to go! You know what? We couldn't agree with them more. At Go Solar MA, we make getting solar panels easier than ever before. Our team of wise and highly-trained technicians is always on the lookout for new technology.

You can count on us to design, build, and install your system for as little cost as possible. Do you know that the state and federal governments offer residential and commercial property owners programs that could make their solar system installation absolutely free? We'll tell you more about that during your no-obligation consultation.

Since 2020, our company has made the local area a greener place to work, live, and play. Solar energy is sustainable, earth-friendly, and always available because the sun isn't going anywhere. So, when you're ready to get your panels designed and placed, we encourage you to call our team and get on the schedule. We're excited about your journey into solar!

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There are Serious Benefits to Going Solar in MA...

It's exciting to consider the possibilities that solar power can add to your MA home. But to benefit from them, you need to have a system installed by a licensed professional. The sooner you get started on the path to greener living, the better! Let's check out some advantages of solar for the residential consumer:

  • Cost Savings - Switching to solar panels means you get to FIRE your electric company! You'll save hundreds of dollars each year on electricity, and your old company may wind up paying YOU! Ask us how.
  • Increased Home Value - Are you trying to sell your home or plan to in the future? Solar systems make your home worth much more.
  • Constant Energy Flow - Solar panels work anywhere, so you can place them on your roof, ground, or a standalone mount, depending on the location of your home. Because of power banks, your system will continue working during the night and on cloudy days.
  • Great for the Environment - Did you know that fossil fuel and nuclear energy create greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2, sulfur oxides, and nitrogen oxides? Those materials are incredibly harmful to the ecosystem. However, solar power doesn't produce any toxic substances and actually benefits the earth.

Solar energy is probably sounding pretty awesome right about now, right? That's because it is! If you'd like a deeper look at the benefits of solar panels, we invite you to browse our company blog page. You can also call our office at any time and speak to a well-versed solar technician.


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Are You Still Waiting to Get Home Solar Panels in MA?

We understand that the thought of new solar panels in Mass. might sound a bit intimidating. The good news is our technicians offer FREE consultations and educational in-services to help you get started. Our company doesn't want you to wait any longer than you have to in making the swap to solar.

The longer you put off making the switch, the less time you get to spend reaping the benefits like lower energy costs and blackout protection. As mentioned before, there are special local, state, and federal tax rebates and incentive programs for solar panel users. The caveat to these programs is that they have an expiration date and limited funds.

Once the programs are depleted of money or come to a close, we don't know whether they'll be renewed or not. Therefore, it is best to get your solar system installed while still having access to government grants.

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Bringing the Best in Solar Panels to Massachusetts Homes

Go Solar MA is your top resource for solar panel design and installation. Our company may have started in 2020, but that isn't where our experience began. Each solar specialist on our team has decades of expertise in the industry and ongoing training. We make it a personal goal to fit residential and commercial customers with the best solar panels in the world.

Once your system is up and running, you'll be harnessing the sun's power and reducing your carbon footprint. Isn't that exciting? Yeah, we think so too. Do you know that you can reach us via the online form on the contact page? As soon as we receive your response, we'll get in touch with you ASAP to schedule an appointment. Great things are coming your way with solar!



See what our customers have to say:
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"The team at Go Solar MA was friendly, knowledgeable and responsive during the whole process. They truly made it virtually stress free. We're so pleased with how everything turned out and we’re already seeing the savings."
- Maria M.

Essential MA Solar Resources for Every Consumer

Do you want to go solar but are unsure how to get started? We'll help find you a home solar program and calculate your savings. From there, your design and build-out begin! Don't forget, we'll get you hooked up with a tax rebate and incentive program that could make your solar system absolutely FREE to build and install.

Find a Solar Program

Calculate Savings

Design & Build

Tax Credits & Rebates

The Power of Solar is On Your Side.

Go Solar MA wholeheartedly believes in harnessing solar power as a renewable energy source to help preserve this beautiful planet we call Earth. Are you thinking about solar panel installation?   Call us at (617) 533-0885
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