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Many factors go into the solar panel design and installation process. Solar racking in MA is one of them. During solar panel installation, the materials need to be mounted to something so that they stay in place. That's where solar racking comes into the picture. Solar racking, otherwise known as "mounting," uses various hardware to affix the panels to roofing systems, the ground, or standalone apparatuses.

Here at Go Solar MA, we're trained and experienced in all areas of the solar installation process. Racking is something that we do on a daily basis. We use the nation's best mounting materials from well-known brands like SnapNrack, Unirac, and Ironridge. We guarantee that your solar panels will stay securely in place once we're through with our racking protocol. Are you ready to get started with a FREE consultation today? Please call or email our staff at your earliest convenience.

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What are the Components that Go into Solar Racking?

When it comes to solar panel roof mounts in MA and other types of racking systems, there are many materials that are a part of the process. You might be wondering about the materials that we use and what they are for. Here's a summary of the solar racking components we handle:

  • Flashings - A part that protects your roof from water damages
  • Mounts - Otherwise known as "feet," secure your system with large bolts and keep everything in place
  • Rails - Mounts hold up rails which are the components that your solar panels sit on
  • Clamps - Clamps keep solar panels secured on the racking system

When it comes down to it, solar racking systems are fundamental but essential. Our trained technicians know how to design, install, and maintain racks for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Would you like to know more? Please visit the company blog page for more in-depth explanations of solar racking and other sustainable energy issues.

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Secure Your Solar Racking Appointment in Mass. Today!

Are you still on the fence about whether solar energy is a good option for you or not? Our technicians can answer your questions and show you how traditional fossil fuel energy compares with solar. We'll also go over what solar racking in Massachusetts is and how it works. Did you know that the state and federal governments offer incentive programs for residential, commercial, and industrial solar users?

We'll get you plugged into the right programs and deliver the paperwork on your behalf. There is one caveat, though, and that is tax rebates and incentive programs are only good for the current year or until funds dry up. We want you to get in on these money-saving programs, so schedule an appointment with a solar specialist now!

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Why Choose Go Solar MA for Your Solar Racking Needs?

We're a company that not only cares about the environment but the families that live in it. So when you choose to go solar, you're making a life change for the better. You're actually securing your children's future. Solar power lowers your carbon footprint and stops depleting the earth's resources. Did you know that the sun's energy will never run out?

By utilizing the power of the sun, we can energize the planet in a sustainable, healthy way. We hope you'll get on board the solar train today with Go Solar MA and make your little corner of the world a cleaner, greener space to live and work.



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We know that going solar is an exciting time, but it is also a time of learning. That's why Go Solar MA gives you all the tools you need to make an informed decision. Contact us today so we can put you in touch with an incredible solar program, help you calculate your savings, and more!

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The Power of Solar is On Your Side.

Go Solar MA wholeheartedly believes in harnessing solar power as a renewable energy source to help preserve this beautiful planet we call Earth. Are you thinking about solar panel installation?   Call us at (617) 533-0885
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